Hemisphere Publishing is an independent publishing house based in London, England. Specialising in high quality photography books, produced with total care and sensitivity towards the environment.

Fox Neighbour Villain Icon

£35 + P&P

Award-winning photographers Neil Aldridge, Matt Maran and Andy Parkinson have been documenting the British red fox for over 20 years. Their photographs, brought together for the first time alongside a series of insightful essays, shed new light on this enigmatic and misunderstood animal.

FOX: Neighbour Villain Icon also examines the fascinating and contradictory relationship the British have with the fox, told through revealing images of rescue and rehabilitation work, fox hunting with hounds, and those working on the ground to protect them.

The 100-plus images include award-winning photos from Wildlife Photographer of the Year and other major international photo competitions, as well as images which have never been published or shared before. 

  1. Hardcover

  2. 168 pages including 8-page gatefold

  3. 285mm x 295mm

  4. Printed and bound in Italy

  5. Foreword by Chris Packham

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Hampstead Heath, London's Countryside

£30 + P&P

Hemisphere's latest book, Hampstead Heath, London's Countryside, is a hardcover book with over 120 stunning photographs of the wildlife and landscapes of Hampstead Heath, London, England.

Nature photography has taken me to some of the most beautiful national parks and wilderness areas in the world - I've witnessed the great migration in east Africa, humpback whales breaching in the Pacific Ocean and observed primates at close quarters in the rain forests of South America.

Photographing the wildlife and landscapes of Hampstead Heath has been equally exhilarating. This 800 acre ancient park is just 5km from the London city centre and boasts an incredible variety of plants and animals. Over the last four years it has been my mission to capture the beauty and diversity of this special green space and through a beautiful collection of images I have achieved this.

  1. Hardcover with dust jacket
  2. 192 pages
  3. Over 120 photographs
  4. 290mmx240mm
  5. Printed and bound in Italy
  6. Order directly from Matthew Maran's shop
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Vancouver Island, Barkley To Clayoquot

£25 + P&P

Hemisphere’s first title is Vancouver Island, Barkley to Clayoquot, a photographic document of Vancouver Island’s west coast by award-winning wildlife photographer Matthew Maran.

Divided into three main sections – Ocean, Coast, and Forest – Vancouver Island, Barkley to Clayoquot features more than one hundred full-colour photographs of black bears, whales, eagles, sea lions, sea otters, and cedar trees, annotated with information on animal behaviour, conservation, and Maran's personal recollections of his experiences and photographic techniques.

This book showcases the unique environment and biodiversity of a very special part of Vancouver Island. The book has been produced in partnership with Hemlock Printers’ using a “Zero” carbon neutral printing program, making the book 100% carbon-neutral.

  1. Hardcover with dust jacket
  2. Printed and bound in Canada
  3. Order directly from Matthew Maran's shop
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